Hi, I'm Kimberly

With deep expertise coaching disruptors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators, as a corporate consultant I help organizations develop teams for greater engagement and innovation. 

I offer a unique combination of skills rarely seen in one person. As a young woman, I was both a regional math team competitor and the lead oboist for the Twin Cities Youth Symphony. As an adult, I bring both left- and right-brain expertise to my clients. 

I’ve been doing this work a long time. My client list includes people from every corner of the diversity map. You can count on me for expertise in the field; I maintain deep, strategic knowledge of the current coaching landscape and am recognized as an authority and thought leader.

As a practice, coaching is a highly developed expression of innovation and intuition. Great coaches must be deeply rooted in authenticity, empathy, mutuality, and empowerment. For me, there has been no greater canvas upon which to bring my creativity into focus.

“Kimberly has the rare quality of listening, really listening, to others. This very high-level communication style has been said to be very rare, and I find that she is certainly a master in this regard. I highly recommend her as a support for your team.” ​

– Lorrie Louder; Director, Senior Management Team; St. Paul Port Authority

Expert Facilitator of Change and Learning

My first experience training adults was in Panama at the age of 23, where I chaired the team that produced the first national environmental education teacher training program as a Peace Corps volunteer. I trained teachers nationwide and led negotiations with the Ministry of Education to establish the curriculum as a permanent fixture in the national teacher credentialing school. 15 years later I returned on a visit to see that the country had largely shifted from slash-and-burn agriculture to ecotourism. My work occurred in a context that was receptive to it and many factors contributed to this change, but during that visit I was humbled and inspired to see the impact that I had helped create. 

I was new to coaching then, but intuitively understood how powerful it is as a force for change — especially when it occurs in a receptive environment. This was the inflection point which set me on the path of becoming the expert in behavior and performance that I am today.